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I am proof that the PRP works. I suffered for more then three years before finding Dr. Stable. I had tried cortisone shots, bands, surgery nothing helped. One PRP treatment and a little physical therapy my pain lessened and in a few months completely gone. Back to normal pain free use.

- Trac E.

While changing a large tractor tire, I injured my left rotator cuff. Facing invasive surgery and a long recovery , I knew many friends who opted for surgery and never regained 100% use of their shoulder.

I met with Dr. Stahle to discuss PRP and immediately knew it was the best option for my active lifestyle. PRP resulted in a full recovery within six months and my shoulder is as flexible as before my accident.

- Danny E.

I struggled with golfers elbow pain for years, but when holding my newborn grandson was impossible due to the pain, i decided to turn to Dr. Stahle for help. 10 weeks after Dr. Stahle performed FAST. I was holding my grandson painfree! I highly recommend this procedure. Don't suffer needlessly

- Cindy O.

Dr. Steven Stahle is bright, gifted and deeply caring physician. His soothing bedside manner engenders a spirit of calm and reassurance for all his patients. He remains current with new, state of the art development in medicine. That i have not required Knee replacement surgery, i attribute to Dr. Stahle's exquisite care and healing ministrations.

- Jay B.

I am very active and spend a lot of time in this gym. There was a period of time i could not do 3 or 4 exercises that i had always done due to shooting pain through the Tendon in my Elbow. I had the fast procedure five years ago and i am in the gym everyday and haven't had pain in that Tendon ever since.

- Bob W.